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Young Engineers in ASHRAE is a new program that was introduced by ASHRAE in 2006 to promote the involvement of young professionals under the age of 35 in ASHRAE.  It is the intention of YEA to assist young professionals in ASHRAE to become more involved with their chapters while providing the technical and professional guidance that is often required in the beginning of a career. 

It is currently estimated that there are between 65,000 and 85,000 technical professionals employed in the HVAC&R-related industries. Approximately one third of these professionals are 55 years of age or older and expected to retire from active practice over the next 10 years.”

ASHRAE like many other organizations is facing the fact that many of the professionals who have contributed their expertise and time to their respective industries will be retiring in the next decade.  Groups such as Young Engineers in ASHRAE were created in order for young professionals to learn the valuable lessons that if not passed down from our experienced colleagues and fellow professionals would be lost forever.  YEA is the vehicle for the next generation of young professionals to learn about ASHRAE and its important role in our future.

The ASHREA Toronto Chapter has been actively promoting YEA since its beginning and as a result, developed a strong base of young professionals who are committed to the continuing growth of ASHRAE.  The YEA’s committee’s main goal is to increase the amount of YEA members, thus increasing the base membership of the ASHRAE Toronto Chapter.  Although increasing membership in YEA is fundamental to its success, the committee is striving to make YEA members the most active members of the ASHRAE Toronto Chapter.  There are currently over 110 members of the ASHRAE Toronto Chapter who don’t realize that they are YEA members!

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